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Solid Waste

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The City of Amarillo Solid Waste Disposal department provides for the safe and environmentally efficient processing, transportation, compaction, and daily cover of the community's waste at the Transfer Stations and Landfill operation in compliance with the federal, state, and local permit regulations.


The Solid Waste Collection department provides for the safe and efficient collection of residential and commercial solid waste within the city limits.


About Us

The Solid Waste Collection and Solid Waste Disposal Departments are responsible for the collection and disposal of the City’s trash or garbage. The City’s landfill is the disposal site for all non-hazardous solid waste collected in Amarillo, disposing it through burial. The City utilizes a fully automated, containerized collection system. Only one person is needed for each truck and route where other cities typically require two or three workers per truck to collect garbage left on the curbside. The department focuses on several aspects throughout the city including:


A better appearance of the City neighborhoods is maintained by the elimination of unsightly piles of trash, torn garbage bags, and lines of trash cans.

Annual Budget

2017-2018 Solid Waste Collection

2017-2018 Solid waste Disposal

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