Food Inspections

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Inspection Codes

HL1B- Routine
HFOL- Followup
HOTHER- All other
HM3- Closure
HM4- Reopening


Meaning of Abbreviations

IN- Not a violation, documentation of conditions during inspection
PUR- Purpose
DE- Demerits
COS- Corrected on Site
H24- Follow up in 24 hours
H10- Followup approximately 10 days
H30- Followup approximately 30 days
H45- Followup approximately 45 days
H60- Followup approximately 60 days
H90- Followup approximately 90 days
H180- Followup approximately 180 days
NTCS- Non-Time/Temperature Control For Safety
TCS- Time/Temperature Control For Safety
RTE- Ready To Eat Foods

0-Demerits means no violations were seen at time of inspection
15- Demerits could be considered an average number
31- Demerits or above requires a re-inspection within 24 hours