The Street Department’s goal is to provide the public with a safe network of clean, well- maintained streets and alleys at a cost effective price. The department performs both major and minor asphalt repair, pothole patching, concrete repair, cracksealing, sealcoating, alley sealing, and blading unpaved streets and alleys. Other major responsibilities include maintenance to drainage channels throughout the City, administering service line utility cut permits, and oversight of the comprehensive mechanical sweeping and cleaning operation.

The annual sealcoating program operates on a ten-year cycle affecting over 600 miles of paved streets, except major thoroughfares. Sealcoating is important to prevent water seepage into roadway base stabilization that deteriorates the streets requiring extensive, costly repairs and creating inconveniences and safety hazards.

The alley sealing program, which operates on a six-year cycle, involves the treatment of paved alleys with an asphalt emulsion seal to prevent surface deterioration..

The Street Department’s street sweeping operations are responsible for keeping gutters clear of silt from blowing dust, leaves, and debris that can accumulate and affect the drainage of an area. These operations consist of sweeping downtown streets daily, major thoroughfares weekly or twice weekly (depending on volume), and residential streets quarterly.

Finally, the Street Department is responsible for ice control and snow removal, which consists of salting/sanding all major intersections, blading snow from arterial streets and de-icing of various overpasses.

Street Maintenance Program