Amarillo Fireworks Amnesty Program

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Fireworks & Small Arms Ammunition, Primers, Powder and Propellants

Surrender Items

(806) 378-9092 24 hour Recorder

Provide your name, telephone number and address. An officer will contact the caller to schedule pick up.

Officers will show proper I.D.

DO NOT Transport the items in your vehicle. Officers will pick up your items at their current location.

The proper disposal of all surrendered items will be in accordance with the City of Amarillo Fire Code and agency policy/procedure.


  1. Prevention of wildfires, structure fires and injuries from fireworks use.
  2. Decrease the risk to occupants of a building and firefighters during any structure fire where fireworks are stored.


Fireworks are being stored inside of homes, apartments and storage buildings within the city. Stored fireworks may be accessible and handled by unsupervised youths or become involved in a fire where they are being stored.

The possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling and use of fireworks are prohibited within the city of Amarillo. This prohibition has been in effect for more than 30 years.

If you have fireworks stored within the City limits, you are in violation of the fire code. Please remove the temptation to use those fireworks by our youth and call this number: 378-9092. An officer will pick up your fireworks for proper disposal by the Amarillo Police Dept. Bomb Squad.

Fireworks that are stored in the city are usually discharged within the City and/or transported to rural areas for use along roadways. Both options are unsafe and increase the risk of injury and property damage.