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Bill Information

Live Chat

Chat live with a service representative beginning October 8th. Chat will be available during office hours Monday - Friday 8:00a.m to 5:00pm. 

You will be able to:

  • Ask questions about your bill.
  • Request payment arrangements.



To ensure accuracy in our billing process, meters are used to measure water consumption for  each account in our system. The meters are read monthly to determine how much water each customer used during the month. The volume of water used and a fixed monthly service charge based on meter size is the basis for calculating the water and sewer portions of the monthly bill. For information on how your meter is read, call 378-3030.

A solid waste collection and disposal charge also appears on each bill. Residential charges are based on the type of residence. For example: single family, two or three family residences with one meter, and others. Commercial rates are based on the size, type and number of containers along with the frequency of pickup.

A monthly bill with the minimum meter service charge and solid waste collection fee will be sent and is due even if there is no water consumption.



Utility Billing Return Item Policy

All returned items will be charged a non-negotiable $30 return fee.

Returned items must be paid with cash, money order, or cashier’s check within the Utility Billing office. (No personal checks or credit/debit cards)

Customers are issued a mailed notice that gives three (3) business days from the date on that notice, to take care of the returned item.

•Failure to take care of the returned item by the due date on the notice will result in the following actions:

• The customer’s meter will be disconnected and a $25 disconnect fee will be added to the returned item.

• A door tag is left to notify customer that they have three (3) business days to take care of returned item or the meter will be pulled on the date listed on the door tag.

• If the customer fails to make a payment by the due date on the door tag, the meter will be pulled. If the meter is pulled, the customer will need to pay the returned item, as well as a $30 return check fee, $25 disconnect fee and a $25 meter pull fee in order to reset the meter. A $25 reconnect fee will go on customer’s next month’s bill.

Reconnects will not be done after 4pm Monday – Thursday or after 5pm on Friday

• If customer has three (3) or more returned items, the customer will be removed from online payment service, pay by phone service, and Western Union access, until the customer goes six (6) months without being disconnected. Customers will need to request to be put back on these services with the cashier supervisor in the Utility Billing Department.

• After five (5) or more return items in a twelve (12) month period, customers will go to a cash only status for a twenty-four (24) month period. After this period, the customer will need to request to be taken off of "Cash Only" status with the cashier supervisor in the Utility Billing Department.

If you believe you had a payment returned you may call 806-378-3030 to speak with the cashiers.