The City has completed the transition to the new utility billing software.

Utility Billing will be resuming normal billing practices with bills due in May 2019. Please refer to the back of your utility bill for more information on our billing practices.

For more information, please visit us at or by phone at 806-378-3030.

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Building Safety Contact List

Office Number (806) 378-3041 Office Fax Number (806) 378-3085

 Rivera, Izzy

 Building Official

 (806) 378-6258
 Rodriguez, Steve  Interim Deputy Building Official  (806) 378-6267
 Gonzales, Gwen  Building Safety Manager  (806) 378-6259
 Scholl, Johnny  Assistant Building Official  (806) 378-6262 

Permit Technicians


Hammonds, Shawna  Administrative Technician (806) 378-6275 
Bjork, Marquita   Permit Tech (806) 378-6057
Garcia, Stephanie  Hourly Administrative Tech (806) 378-5264
Hartman, Stephanie   Permit Tech (806) 378-4284
 Nunez, Allison  Hourly Admin Tech   (806) 378-3041 
Owens, Mary   Permit Tech (806)378-4237 
Samora, Jeana  Permit Tech (806)378-3006 

Community Improvement Inspectors

Oppel, Justin Chief Comm. Imp Insp (806) 378-9495
Brinkley, Jerry Comm Imp Inspector  (806) 378-6274
Caire, Delia Comm Imp Inspector  (806) 378-6036
Elliott, Alan  Comm Imp Inspector  (806) 378-6264 
Logsdon, Corey Comm Imp Inspector  (806) 378-6412
Stiles, Jeanette Comm Imp Inspector  (806) 378-6269 

Building Inspectors

Hall, Howard Chief Building Insp  (806)378-6273
Downing, Robert  Comm Safety Insp   (806)378-6265
Heiskell, Steve  Building Insp  (806)378-9324 
Morgan, Chuck  Building Insp  (806)378-6263

Plans Examiner

Zamora, Larry Chief Plans Examiner  (806)378-6271
Butler, Connie  Plans Examiner  (806)378-6272
Edwards, Weldon  Plans Examiner  (806)378-3042 
Knepp, Kal Plans Examiner  (806)378-6095 
Risner, Bill  Plans Examiner (806)378-6268
Taylor, Jason  Plans Examiner  (806)378-6261 

Electrical Inspectors

Dryden, Van Chief Electrical Insp (806)378-6257 
Boothe, Ricky  Electrical Insp  (806)378-6260 
Groomer, Jonne  Electrical Insp  (806)378-4233 

Plumbing & Mechanical Inspectors

Ellis, Justin  Chief Plumbing & Mech Insp  (806)378-6270 
Brock, Terry  Plumbing & Mech Insp  (806)378-6256 
Wheeler, Andrew  Plumbing & Mech Insp  (806)378-3017