The City has completed the transition to the new utility billing software.

Utility Billing will be resuming normal billing practices with bills due in May 2019. Please refer to the back of your utility bill for more information on our billing practices.

For more information, please visit us at or by phone at 806-378-3030.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

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Event Date/Time Agenda Minutes
- Agenda:Agenda-2019June13 Agenda-2019June13 Not Included
- Agenda:Agenda-2019March 14 Agenda-2019March 14 Not Included
- Agenda:Agenda-2019February 14 Agenda-2019February 14 Minutes:Minutes-2019February 14 Minutes-2019February 14
- Agenda:Agenda-2018October11 Agenda-2018October11 Minutes:Minutes-2018October 11 Minutes-2018October 11
- Agenda:Agenda-2018May10 Agenda-2018May10 Minutes:Minutes-2018May10 Minutes-2018May10
- Agenda:Agenda-2018-Mar8 Agenda-2018-Mar8 Minutes:Min-2018March8 Min-2018March8
- Agenda:Agenda-2018-Feb8 Agenda-2018-Feb8 Minutes:Min-2018Feb8 Min-2018Feb8
- Agenda:2017_11_06_09_34_13 2017_11_06_09_34_13 Minutes:Min-2017Nov9 Min-2017Nov9
- Agenda:Agenda-2017-Oct12 Agenda-2017-Oct12 Minutes:Minutes-2017-Oct12 Minutes-2017-Oct12
- Agenda:Agenda-2017-Aug10 Agenda-2017-Aug10 Minutes:Minutes-2017-Aug10 Minutes-2017-Aug10
- Agenda:Agenda-2017-Jun8 Agenda-2017-Jun8 Minutes:Minutes-2017-Jun8 Minutes-2017-Jun8
- Agenda:Agenda-2017-May11 Agenda-2017-May11 Minutes:Minutes-2017-May11 Minutes-2017-May11
- Agenda:Agenda-2017-Mar9 Agenda-2017-Mar9 Minutes:Minutes-2017-Mar9 Minutes-2017-Mar9
- Agenda:Agenda-2017-Feb9 Agenda-2017-Feb9 Minutes:Minutes-2017-Feb9 Minutes-2017-Feb9