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The City of Amarillo is proud of its professional and progressive Police Department. The Amarillo Police Department provides police services to the citizens of Amarillo through both traditional police patrol and response and the use of specialized units and programs. The Police Department strives to be an effective and visible asset in protecting and serving the citizens of Amarillo.

In September, 2017, the Texas Police Chief's Association (TPCA) announced that it had for the third time (previously in 2009 and 2013) inspected the Department's operations and facilities and again determined that the APD was operating in compliance with their Best Practices Recognition Program standards.  This program helps ensure that the department continues to provide high quality, modern police service.   

Mission Statement and Core Values

Police Academy Information

Contact a Recruiter by emailing casey.ogden@amarillo.gov. Please include your first and last name, phone number and/or email address

Academy Information and Training Calendar

Check out our APD Recruiting Facebook page for updates on applying, testing and our latest videos

Current Events

The Amarillo Police Department has implemented a new social media tactic to try and curb auto burglaries in Amarillo. We are trying our new #9PMRoutine to remind everyone at 9:00 PM every night ot remember to take everything out of their vehicles. WE are posting this on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We have seen a drop in the first week and want to continue seeing more. Check one or all of our social media sites to see either pictures of recent auto burglaries, a funny meme, or just a quick reminder to take everything out of your vehicle at night. 

News Releases / Crime Mapping

 Community Crime Map

Public Information Requests

The Amarillo Police Department has a designated recipient for Open Records requests. You may submit your request in writing to: Amarillo Police Department, Attn: Open Records, 200 SE 3rd St, Amarillo, Texas, 79101, by fax to (806) 378-9371, by e-mail to apdrecords@amarillo.gov, or in person. Visit our Open Records page for more information on requests. A request sent to any e-mail address or fax number other than those listed above does not trigger the requirements of the Public Information Act.