Birth and Death Records

Certified Copies of Birth and Death Records

Under Texas law birth and death records are confidential for seventy-five and twenty-five years, respectively, and can be obtained only by Qualified Applicants.
Due to changing state laws, a county or city-issued birth certificate may not be accepted by DMV departments in some states. If your state requires a state-issued birth certificate, you can order from the State of Texas at .
A qualified applicant can obtain a certified copy of a birth or death record in person or by mail. The application must be accompanied with an accepted form of identification and the appropriate fees. We process all requests the day they are received. A request can be made in person or by mail.
In Person: 509 SE 7th Ave
First floor
Amarillo, TX
By Mail: City of Amarillo, Tx
Office of Vital Statistics
PO Box 1971
Amarillo, TX 79105
Remote Access:

As a Remote Birth Access site the City of Amarillo is directly linked to the Texas Department of Health/Bureau of Vital Statistics birth database and is able to access certified abstracts of birth records for births which occurred anywhere in the State of Texas. The abstract of birth facts is printed right in our office and is a legal birth certificate which can be used as your basic personal identification document.  These records are available from 1926 to present.  This document is not recommended for use to obtain a passport as it might not be accepted.

These certificates are requested in the same manner and for the same Fees as other Certified Copies of birth certificates.

IMPORTANT: If the applicant is not the person named on the record we must have the purpose for obtaining the record and the applicants relationship to the person named on the record.
Overnight service is available if you provide a Visa or Mastercard and specify “Overnight service” in writing.