Bill Information

To ensure accuracy in our billing process, meters are used to measure water consumption for each account in our system. The meters are read monthly to determine how much water each customer used during the month. The volume of water used and a fixed monthly service charge based on meter size is the basis for calculating the water and sewer portions of the monthly bill. For information on how your meter is read, call 378-4272.

A solid waste collection and disposal charge also appears on each bill. Residential charges are based on the type of residence. For example: single family, two or three family residences with one meter, and others. Commercial rates are based on the size, type and number of containers along with the frequency of pickup.

A monthly bill with the minimum meter service charge and solid waste collection fee will be sent and is due even if there is no water consumption. .

Please refer to our Water and Sewer Rates for more detailed information about rates and bill calculation