Transient Businesses – Information / Application

Temporary Sales Locations and Transient Business Licenses

If you are doing business in a temporary location you need to know about the City of Amarillo’s Transient Business License.

If you have a fixed business location in the city of Amarillo, occupied by the same business for at least 30 consecutive days, you do not need a Transient Business License. Your “fixed business location” may be a legitimate office in your home for a home occupation, provided that your home occupation is operated in compliance with city ordinances. Any temporary business location must be zoned for the type of business you are operating, and you must have the property owner’s written permission to operate there.

If you do not have a fixed business location within the city limits, you will need a Transient Business License in order to transact business at a temporary location. Pick up an application from Building Safety at City Hall, 509 E. 7th Ave, room 105. A Transient Business License is good for 30 days, and the cost is $25.00.

*Flower and/or plant vendors selling within the city limits must have a City of Amarillo transient business license and a current Nursery Floral Certificate through the Texas Dept. of Agriculture (TDA) for each location. Application forms and instructions are available at the TDA website. (The transient business license will not be issued unless the Nursery Floral Certificate is in the same name of the plant or floral vendor applying for the Transient Business license.)

*Private pet breeders wishing to sell or give away animals to the public at a temporary location must have a City of Amarillo transient business license. If selling the animals, a Texas Sales Tax Permit is also required. All vendors are subject to monitoring by the City of Amarillo Animal Control Dept. and must have proof of vaccination for each animal.

*Produce vendors require a Transient business license; however, they are not required to have a State sales tax permit number.

*Precious metals vendors or buyers are required to obtain a transient business license and be licensed by the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Public Service (TxDPS) Metals Registration Program to buy or sell precious metals. Information and applications are available at the TxDPS website.

Application (adobe acrobat required)