City Manager

Office of City Manager
The City of Amarillo operates under the Council-Manager form of government. Amarillo was the first City in Texas to adopt the Council-Manager form of government in November 1913. A part of the great reform movement of the early 20th century, Council-Manager form of government sought to rid local government of patronage and corruption by appointing a professional City Manager to oversee daily operations without political interference. The Council-Manager form of government has served Amarillo well for more than a century. It continues to provide our citizens with responsive and responsible local government.

The Amarillo City Charter adopted by the citizens of Amarillo in 1913 establishes three branches of government: Legislative (elected City Council); Administrative (appointed City Manager); and Judicial (appointed Municipal Court Judge). Amarillo City Charter further states the City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the local government. All City employees are appointed by the City Manager except the Municipal Court Judge, who is appointed by the City Council.

Message from the City Manager’s Office
Each day brings new challenges and opportunities in serving the best interests of the citizens of Amarillo. Together with more than 2,300 City employees, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Fostering a culture of inclusion. We want to manage the affairs and business of the City government in a manner that every citizen knows this is their government. Our reason for existing is to serve all the people of this great community.
  • Open and honest government. We are committed to operating the affairs of City government in the open with the highest degree of integrity.
  • Responsive City government. We are committed to being responsive to the needs of our citizens. This can be difficult at times. Responding to demands with limited resources can often times lead to making critical choices in the allocation of resources in response to citizen’s needs.
  • Focus on our citizens first and foremost. We understand the only reason for our existence is to serve our citizens. We are privileged to serve our citizens each and every day. Maintaining a constant focus on who we serve defines why we serve. We serve because we recognize, in many instances, our services are the lifeblood for the entire community. Our services are woven into the fabric of Amarillo as a great place for everyone to live and successfully conduct their daily lives.
  • Professional management. We are committed to the management of all City affairs in a professional manner. Professional management demands that we examine each issue with a perspective of balance, proven business practices, and advancing the best interests of the entire community.

BluePrint for Amarillo
In January 2016, staff presented to Council BluePrint for Amarillo as the guiding document to focus City resources and actions. BluePrint for Amarillo contains the City Council’s policy directives and initiatives I have undertaken to improve the overall performance of the City organization. Please feel free to learn more about the BluePrint for Amarillo online at

Executive Team Members

The Office of City Manager operates with a Deputy City Manager, two Assistant City Managers, a City Secretary department, an Office of Economic Development, an Office of Strategic Initiatives, an Office of Public Communications and Community Engagement, a City Attorney, and the Human Resources department.

Jared Miller, City Manager
Jared Miller is the City of Amarillo’s City Manager. As such, he acts as the Chief Administrative Officer of the local government and oversees daily operations without political interference. Miller was hired as Amarillo’s permanent City Manager by Amarillo City Council in January, 2017.

Bob Cowell, Deputy City Manager
Cowell oversees Planning and Development functions of the City. He also serves as the principal staff leader on the vital Downtown Amarillo catalyst projects.

Bob Cowell’s Bio

Michelle Bonner, Assistant City Manager
Bonner is Chief Financial Officer of the City and supervises Public Safety and organizational services. She is active in day to day operations of multiple ancillary funds and programs supervised by the City.

Michelle Bonner’s Bio

Kevin StarbuckKevin Starbuck, Assistant City Manager
Starbuck oversees Community Services (Health Services).

Frances Hibbs, City Secretary
Hibbs serves as City Secretary and provides supervision of the administrative workgroup assigned to the Office of City Manager.

Frances Hibbs’s Bio


J. G. Colby1921-1922

Prior City Managers of Amarillo
M. H. Hardin 1913-1916
A.D. Armstrong 1917-1918
Jeff D. Bartlett 1919-1920
J. B. Patterson 1929-1930
W. N. Durham 1929-1941
H. R. Smith 1932-1941
A. P. Hancock 1941-1947
N. V. Moss 1947-1963
John S. Stiff 1967-1983
John Q. Ward 1983-2005
Alan M. Taylor 2005-2011
W. Jarrett Atkinson 2011-2015
Terry L. Childers (interim) 2015 – 2016
Bob Cowell Jr. (Interim) 2016 – 2017
Jared Miller 2017 – Present