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  1. Address and legal description of the property.
  2. Owner of the property.
  3. Plot plan showing:
    a. Dimensions of the property and easements (if any) on the property.
    b. Dimensions of all existing structures and the distances of those structures from the property line(s).
    c. Dimensions of the proposed structure(s) or addition(s) showing the proposed location on the property and the distances to existing structures and the property lines.
    d. Location of the street(s) and alley(s) adjoining the property.
  4. Window and door sizes and locations in the proposed addition.
  5. If the addition is attached to the residence, show the floor plan of the residence and of the addition, and all windows / doors in the existing residence and addition.
  6. If the floor plan of the existing residence will be changed, show the floor plan of how it will be when it is finished.
  7. Show the location of sewer / water / gas service lines from the residence to the alley or street (indicate with dotted lines).
  8. Certain residences in Amarillo are located within Historical Districts. Please call the Planning Department to find out what steps are needed to obtain a permit for EXTERIOR remodels or/and additions beyond Building Safety’s typical requirements.

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Commercial Alterations-Additions-Change of Use
Commercial New Projects Acceptance
Residential New Projects Acceptance
Residential Remodel & Additions Project Acceptance

Construction Standards

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NOTE: Energy code adopted by State of Texas effective all buildings April 1, 2011, Single family Residential January 1,2012

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