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 Adoption of Animals
 Animals are adopted from the shelter through the Humane Society. For information on adoptions please call the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society at 373-1716.
 Animal Abuse
 The Animal Management & Welfare Department investigates violations of animal welfare and cruelty laws. For information, or to report an incidence of animal abuse, call the Animal Management & Welfare Department.
 Animal Bites
 For information on, or to report an animal bite, call 378-3092. After hours (6 p.m. - 8 a.m.) call the Police Department at 378-3038.
 Animal Vaccination
 For information on ordinances covering vaccinations or the annual vaccination drive contact the Animal Management & Welfare Department.
 Animal Welfare Education
 The Animal Management & Welfare Department presents a number of educational programs each year. Call 378-3092 for information.
 Barking Complaints
 The Animal Management & Welfare Department investigates barking or loud animal complaints that occur in the City limits.
 For information on citations issued by the Animal Management & Welfare Department call 378-6236.
 The Animal Management & Welfare Department impounds loose or unconfined animals.
 Leash Law
 City Ordinances require that an animal be restrained and confined on the premises by a fence, rope, leash, or chain. For information call 378-3092.
 The Animal Management & Welfare Department investigates cases of rabies and bites from animals thought to have rabies.
 Sick and Injured Animals
 The Animal Management & Welfare Department picks up dead and injured animals. For information call 378-3092.
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