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 Asphalt Repair/Construction
 Major and minor asphalt repair of City streets and alleys is the Street Department's responsibility.
 Barricade Emergency
 Contact the Street Department for barricades needed on city streets when an accident, flooding, or some other emergency occurs. For after business hours emergency barricade needs, please contact the Police Department at 378-3038.
 Barricade, Missing
 To report missing, permanent, or emergency barricades,or to request an emergency-barricade call the Street Department at 378-6815. After business hours or for emergencies, please contact the Police Department at 378-3038. Information on permits to block streets is listed under "Traffic Engineering Department."
 Barricade, Permanent
 Installation and maintenance of permanent barricades on City streets or property is handled by the Street Department.
 Barricade, Temporary
 For an emergency, see "Barricade Emergency." If needed for a non-emergency function look under "Public Works, Traffic Engineering."
 Concrete Repair/Replacement
 The Street Department is responsible for maintaining City streets, curbs and gutters, medians, drains, and disabled sidewalk ramps. Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the abutting property owner.
 Crack Pouring
 The Street Department operates a scheduled crack pouring program in conjunction with the sealcoating cycle. To report severe street cracks or obtain information regarding crack pouring in your neighborhood contact the Street Department.
 De-Icing of Roads
 The Street Department is responsible for de-icing City bridges and signalized intersections. The Texas Department of Transportation is responsible for de-icing interstates and other state highway bridges and signalized intersections and may be contacted at 356-3361.
 Debris Removal
 For removal of debris or litter on City streets contact the Street Department.
 Drainage Ditch Cleaning
 To report problems with a drainage ditch contact the Street Department.
 Drainage Maintenance
 Streets and Alleys: The Street Department is responsible for grading and maintaining streets and alleys for effective drainage. Storm Drain Inlet: To report a problem with a storm drain inlet, contact the Street Department 378-6815.
 Driveway Culvert Pipe Installation
 The Street Department will provide for the installation of pipe culverts for private driveways with pipe supplied by the property owner. For a determination of the size of pipe culvert needed or to have it installed after it has been purchased contact the Street Department.
 Contact the Street Department to report damage to a City guardrail. Contact the Texas Department of Transportation at 356-3361 if the guardrail is located along an interstate or state highway.
 Missing, broken, damaged manholes or manholes needing repair should be reported to the Street Department or the Wastewater Collection Department at 378-6827. After business hours call 378-3019.
 Mowing, Right-of-Way
 The control of vegetation along rights-of-way and medians of arterial and major City streets is the responsibility of the Street Department. Each property owner is responsible for the section of right-of-way adjacent to their home or business.
 Pothole Repairs
 To report a pothole or a street needing repair contact the Street Department.
 The Street Department will sand City streets and alleys where oil spills or similar hazards occur. For sanding on snow covered roads see de-icing, City bridges, etc.
 The Street Department operates a preventative maintenance program for the City's residential streets through sealcoating. The sealcoating program operates on a ten-year cycle covering all City streets except major thoroughfares. For information on sealcoating or scheduled sealcoating in your neighborhood contact the Street Department.
 Slope Maintenance, City Owned Lakes
 The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of City-owned lakes including slope maintenance and debris removal.
 Snow Removal, City Streets
 Snow removal from City arterial streets and bridges is the responsibility of the Street Department. Snow removal on interstate and state highways is the responsibility of the Texas Department of Transportation, which may be contacted at 356-3361.
 Street Construction
 To build a street contact the Engineering Department for street standards and platting procedures. Existing streets under construction or being repaved are performed by private contractors through contracts administered by the Engineering Department. For more information on planned construction or current construction projects, contact the Engineering Department at 378-9334. For information on planned or on-going reconstruction or maintenance of existing pavement see "Street Maintenance."
 Street Maintenance
 To report street maintenance needs contact the Street Department.
 Street Overlay
 An annual program of arterial street overlay is administered by the Engineering Department. For residential overlay see "Sealcoating."
 Street Sweeping
 For information on street sweeping call the Street Department.
 Paved Street Surface Grading
 To report an unpaved street or alley in need of grading or repair contact the Street Department.
 Utility Cuts
 When a section of a City street or alley needs to be cut for the installation of utilities a permit is required. For requests or information on utility cut permits contact the Street Department.
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