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Public Works
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 Service and Information
 Engineering Department has benchmark information available. Call 806-378-9334 for location and elevation of benchmarks.
 City Construction Projects
 For information on the status of City construction projects for Public Works, Parks and Recreation, or the Airport contact the Engineering Department at 378-9334. For other projects contact that department directly.
 Driveway Approach Inspections
 For an inspection of a driveway approach permitted through the Traffic Engineering Department contact the Engineering Department at 378-9334.
 Driveway Approach Standards
 The Traffic Engineering Department supplies information on driveway approach standards.
 The Engineering Department has elevations shown on contour maps and benchmark locations. Contact the Engineering Department.
 Engineering Services
 For information on the extent of assistance and fees charged for design, and engineering services for subdivision work in relationship to streets or private pavement projects call the Engineering Department.
 Flood Hazard Information
 For information on drainage problems, flood hazard determinations, or FIA/FEMA information contact the Engineering Department.
 Flood Alleviation Reduction
 For site specific flooding alleviation and reduction plans and information contact the Engineering Department.
 For review or copies of aerial photographs, city base maps, paving maps, contour maps, drainage maps, and floodway maps contact the Engineering Department. For maps of utilities look under Utilities Division. For Zoning maps or other types of maps look under "Community Services Division, Planning Department."
 Paving Regulations
 The Engineering Department handles inquiries on paving regulations established by the City.
 Right-of-Way Locations
 The Engineering Department will assist in determining property lines where they abut rights-of-way or easements.
 Storm Sewers/Storm Water Management
 The Engineering Department oversees the regulations for storm sewers and stormwater management established by the City, including records of existing facilities.
 Street Construction
 To build a street contact the Engineering Department for street standards and platting procedures. Existing streets under construction or being repaved are performed by private contractors through contracts administered by the Engineering Department. For more information on planned construction or current construction projects contact the Engineering Department 378-9334. For information on planned or on-going reconstruction or maintenance of existing pavement see Street Maintenance under Street Department.
 Street Overlay
 An annual program of arterial street overlay is administered by the Engineering Department. For information on residential overlay see sealcoating under Street Department.
 Street Pavement Assesments
 The Engineering Department prepares and maintains the records on street and alley paving assessments when property owners are sharing in the cost to have a street or alley improved.
 Street Paving Petitions
 The Engineering Department maintains the records and offers assistance in explaining the procedures for petitions by property owners to have streets or alleys paved.
 Street Standards
 For information on the construction standards of streets or allays to be built in the City of Amarillo or its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ five miles outside the City limits boundaries) contact the Engineering Department.
 Subdivision Platting
 Subdivision platting procedures are outlined in the City's Subdivision Ordinance administered by the Planning Department.
 The Engineering Department does perform tours of its department for groups or individuals interested in the operation of the City's Engineering Department.
 Utility Easements
 For determination of location, information or preparation of public utility easements or drainage easements contact the Engineering Department.
 Variances, Flood Regulations
 The Engineering Department administers requests for a variance from the current Base Flood Elevation for certain playas.
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