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 Brush/Junk Collection
 The Solid Waste Collection Department operates a fixed route brush collection service in addition to the regular collection. This operation includes the collection of large or bulky items such as discarded appliances, furniture, and other junk. If planning to do tree trimmings or discarding large items call 378-6813 for your areas regularly scheduled collection.
 Brush/Tree-limb Collection Sites
 There are three sites for brush/tree limb collections Broadway and Hastings; 34th and Eastern; also Arden and Soncy. This material is ground up to wood chips on-site and is free for public pickup and use. For more information call 378-6813.
 Bulky Items
 Special collection of large, bulky items can be arranged by calling 378-6813.
 Christmas Tree Recycling Program
 Annually from Christmas through February 1, the City provides Christmas Tree recycling. Residents may bring their trees to specific locations where the trees are mulched and free mulch is in turn provided if desired. Call 378-6813 for more information.
 Commercial Refuse Collection
 To establish new service or to change existing service for commercial refuse collection call 378-6812.
 To report a problem or damage to a dumpster, or to request a dumpster call 378-6813.
 Hazardous Material Disposal
 For information on the proper disposal of hazardous materials including paint thinners, paints, and other hazardous household chemicals contact the Regional Office of Environmental Consumer Health Protection in Lubbock, Texas at (806) 797-4331.
 Landfill Acceptable Items
 The City of Amarillo operates a Type 1 landfill. This allows the landfill to accept only nonhazardous municipal solid waste. The landfill cannot accept large quantities of household chemicals, oil based paints, motor oil, vehicle batteries, commercial chemicals, or asbestos waste. For more information or specific acceptable items call 359-2056.
 Landfill, Fees
 Landfill dumping fees are based on weight of material delivered for disposal. There is no fee for residents of Amarillo discarding normal household trash or garbage from a residence in Amarillo where a sanitation charge is currently being paid. For information on other special exemptions to landfill fees contact the Public Works Director at 378-9337. For information on the landfill fee schedule call 359-2056.
 The City of Amarillo operates recycling collection centers at S.E. 27th Avenue and Hayes and at four fire stations located throughout the City. For information on these centers call 378-6813. For information on private commercial Recycling Centers check the yellow pages in your phone directory. For additional information on voluntary recycling programs or recycling projects see the City's website at or
 Residential Refuse Collection
 For information on where to place your residential garbage, trash, etc. call 378-6813.
 Route Information
 For information on the routing of residential or commercial trash collection call 378-6813.
 Schedule Information
 For information on the schedule of residential or commercial trash collection call 378-6813.
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