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 Civil Defense
 The Emergency Management Department provides information on national security programs and protective actions in the event of war.
 Community Disasters
 The Emergency Management Department has developed and maintains an up-to-date Hazard Analysis for the City of Amarillo including Potter and Randall Counties. This document is available for review at the Emergency Management Department Office located in City Hall. For information on emergency plans contact the Emergency Management Department. During a local disaster or emergency situation, listen to a local radio station or watch a local television station for specific, up-to-date information.
 For information on community-wide emergencies or disaster plans call the Emergency Management Department. In the event of a community emergency see "Disasters." For general emergencies, such as fires, hazardous material releases, or crimes in progress call 911.
 Emergency Coordination
 The Emergency Management Department coordinates emergency plans with local businesses and private organizations. Also, see "Community Disasters."
 Emergency Planning Procedures
 Upon request, the Emergency Management Department will assist day care centers, schools, businesses, and nursing homes with the preparation of emergency plans and disaster response procedures. The Department also has information available for individuals to develop personal or family emergency plans for their homes.
 Emergency Preparedness Programs
 Upon request, the Emergency Management Department will perform programs on all aspects of Emergency Management and disaster preparedness. The Emergency Management Department has, free of charge, various pamphlets, booklets, and other materials concerning preparedness and protective actions that citizens can take to help them prepare for disaster situations.
 Hazardous Material Reporting and records
 The Emergency Management Department is the information coordination point for the Potter/Randall Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). The Department maintains records of all companies reporting the presence of hazardous materials at their sites. All reported information is available to the public during normal working hours.
 Severe Weather/Natural Hazards
 The Emergency Management Department has coordinated the development of the Amarillo/Potter/Randall Emergency Operations Plan. The Plan is reviewed annually and updated or revised as necessary. As part of this plan the Department is required to maintain and activate all area warning systems (outdoor sirens, Emergency Alerting System, cable cut-in, and indoor warning monitors). For information on local emergency plans, to report severe weather, tornado sightings, or other natural hazards, or for information on the warning systems, call the Emergency Management Department. During severe weather events listen to a local radio station or watch a local television station for specific, up-to-date information on the storms movement and for tips on protective actions to take. If information is desired before a storm or other hazard occurs, contact the Emergency Management Department for information (see "Emergency Preparedness Programs").
 Volunteers, Emergency
 The Emergency Management Department coordinates activities of the Amarillo Emergency Service and other volunteer groups dedicated to emergency response in disasters.
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