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     Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC)
 Service and Information
 Breastfeeding Education
 Breastfeeding information, education, and support is available to pregnant women and breastfeeding women enrolled in the WIC Program, as well as those in the general public requesting such.
 Client Services/Program Enrollment
 Enrollment in the WIC Program is based on categorical financial, residency, and medical/nutrition factors. Client service representatives are located at the WIC Administration Building to answer any questions about program availability and to process client enrollment applications.
 Farmers Market
 The WIC Program works closely with the Texas Department of Agriculture to provide clients with educational training and vouchers for fruits and vegetables sold at the Amarillo certified Farmers Market open each summer during the growing season.
 Food Vouchers
 The WIC Program issues food vouchers to qualified clients which allow for the purchase of nutritious foods at local Amarillo grocery stores.
 The WIC Program screens clients and their siblings for compliance with recommended childhood immunization schedules and refers them to private health care providers.
Public and Staff Services
     The Amarillo Civic Center
     Emergency Management
     Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport
     Facilities Administration
     Amarillo Public Library
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