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 Community Relations, Fire Department
 The Fire Department accepts all complaints and suggestions, in addition to providing information and presentations such as career opportunities, department services and safety programs to the public. For more information call 378-9340.
 Fire and Arson Investigation
 For information or fire reports on a particular fire call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 378-4238.
 Fire Department Administration
 Call 378-9360.
 Fire Emergency
 Call 911.
 Fire Hydrant
 To locate or have a fire hydrant tested call 378-4276.
 Fire Inspection Services
 State Licensing Inspections for Adult and Child Day Cares, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Group Homes, Health Care facilities, care for the disabled, and schools. As well as handling routine complaints for businesses, night clubs, special events, and life safety inspections call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 378-4238.
 Fire Plan Review
 Plan review for Fire Code compliance and protection systems call the Prevention Bureau at 378-4238.
 Fire Planning Inspections
 To have a fire preplanning inspection call 378-4276.
 Fire Safety Education
 For presentations at schools (public and private), Commercial Care Safety Instruction, Health Care facilities, civic organizations, and senior citizen groups, call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 378-4238.
 Firefighter Recruitment
 Call 378-4294.
 Hazardous Material Spill
 To report a hazardous material spill call 911.
 Hazardous Material Storage
 For information on proper storage of hazardous material call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 378- 4238.
 Open Burning Permits
 For information on restrictions and requirements of a controlled burn call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 378-4238.
 To obtain permits for fireworks displays (all pyrotechnic devices), sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, or stand pipe systems call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 378-4238.
 For emergency rescues call the Fire Department at 911.
 Smoke Detectors for Senior Citizens
 The Fire Prevention Bureau provides a program to equip senior citizens' homes with smoke detectors free of charge. For information call 378-4238.
 Special Programs
 For further information on programs such as Smoke Detectors for Senior Citizens, Elementary School Educational Program for grades K-5, and the Fire Safety House call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 378-4238.
 Statistical Analysis of Fire Incidents
 Call 378-4274.
 To arrange a tour of the Central Fire Station and firefighting equipment or other fire stations call 378-4276.
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