Construction Site

In 1987, the Water Quality Act (WQA) added provisions to the CWA that allowed the EPA to govern storm water discharges from construction sites. In 1998, EPA published the final notice for General Permits for Storm Water Discharges from Construction Activities Disturbing 5 Acres or Greater (63 Federal Register 7898, February 14, 1998). The general permit included provisions for development of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) to maximize the potential benefits of pollution prevention and sediment and erosion control measures at construction sites. The TPDES Construction General Permit was issued by the TCEQ on March 5, 2003, and extended the requirement to develop a SWP3 to construction sites greater than 1 acre in size.

The goal of the construction element of the City of Amarillo’s Storm Water Management Program is to protect receiving waters from pollutants occurring at construction sites and to provide guidance and promote the continued growth in and around Amarillo in a manner that is compliant with Federal, State, and Local Storm Water Regulations.

If you plan to begin construction in the City of Amarillo, you may be subject to certain local, state, or federal requirements. To assist with determining your requirements a Flow Chart has been prepared for your use. At a minimum, all construction sites in the City of Amarillo need to implement erosion and sediment controls to prevent the introduction of pollutants into the street surface drainage portion of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). Depending on the size of your project you may be required to implement erosion and sediment controls, file a Construction Site Notice, a Notice of Intent, develop a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3), or all of the above items.

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Construction General Permit
Notice of Intent Electronic (Steers)
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Site Notice for Primary Operators
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Notice of Termination

If you are required to develop a SWP3, then TPDES Worksheets and TPDES Worksheet Instructions are available by clicking on these items. A SWP3 must be completed before you submit a NOI to obtain a permit to discharge storm water from your site.

The City of Amarillo has officially adopted the Storm Water Management Criteria Manual. This manual provides useful information regarding the implementation of structural controls, and is available for viewing in the Engineering Department at City Hall and at the Environmental Lab, located at 4001 South Osage. In addition, information
concerning construction site best management practices is provided by this EPA Menu of BMP’s.

For a step-by-step description of your TPDES requirements, please visit the TCEQ Website that contains step-by-step instructions.