Sewer or Water Damage

If you have experienced a sewer backup or water damage due to a water main break, please contact the City Water/Sewer department at 806-378-6825. After hours or on weekends or holidays, please call 806-378-3019. If the sewer problem is in the City main line, the crew will be able to remove the blockage and that should restore your sewer service in a quick and convenient manner. This sewer main line service is provided free of cost.

We realize that citizens may incur expenses and damages because of a sewer backup or flood of water from a water main break. The City regrets those events and strives to prevent them. However, the operation of a water/sewer system is a governmental function, for which the City is immune from damages unless immunity is waived by state law. In a case decided in early 2004, the Texas Supreme Court clearly outlined the narrow circumstances in which a City might be liable for a utility failure that damages a home. City of Dallas v. Jennings, 142 SW3d 310 (Tex. 2004). Under current law, in the vast majority of situations, the City of Amarillo is immune from liability for property damages caused by sewer back-up or water main breakage.