Current Planning

Current Planners work cooperatively with property owners and developers to implement the City of Amarillo’s zoning and subdivision regulations. Current Planners review and make recommendations pertaining to zoning requests inside City Limits, subdivision of land (platting), as well as dedications and vacations of public property.

Development Policy Manual
Development tool used to delineate the development process from the initial land use proposals through infrastructure construction.

Zoning Ordinance
Laws and regulations for zoning within the City of Amarillo. Current Planners make recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission concerning zoning applications.

Recommended Plant List
This list of perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees was compiled by the City of Amarillo to be used in conjunction with the City’s Landscape regulations in the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 4-10, Division 6). Plants in this list are generally low water users and can survive in a United States Department of Agriculture Hardiness Zone 6.

Subdivision Ordinance
Laws and regulations for the subdivision of property (platting) in the City of Amarillo as well as property within five miles of the City Limits. Current Planners make recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission for new development (plat) and redevelopment (replat) projects.

Sign Ordinance
Laws and regulations provided for the installation and maintenance of signs on private property within the City of Amarillo. Applications and fees may be obtained by contacting Amarillo’s Building Safety Department at 806.378.3000.

Downtown Amarillo Urban Design Standards (DAUDS)
Guidelines and standards for development within the DAUDS overlay district. The boundary of this district is illustrated on page 5 of the document.

Adopted Municipal Annexation Plan

DISCLAIMER: The information provided above is continually updated. To obtain the most current information, please contact the Planning Department at 806.378.6290.

Current Planning Staff Contact Information

Current Planner
Jeffrey English
[email protected]

Current Planner
Cody Balzen
[email protected]

Current Planner
David Soto
[email protected]