Boards and Commissions


Planning and Zoning Commission

David Craig Chairman) Term Expires 5-15-2016
Mike Good (Vice Chairman) Term Expires 5-15-2018
Rick Thomason Term Expires: 5-15-2019
Rob Parker Term Expires 5-15-2017
Melissa Phifer Term Expires: 5-15-2018
Bowden Jones Term Expires 5-15-2018
Dean Bedwell Term Expires 5-15-2015
2017 Schedule

Board of Review for Landmarks & Historic Districts

Board Members:
LV Perkins Term Expires 5-21-2015
Tom Thatcher Term Expires 5-21-2015
Carson Burgess Term Expires 5-21-2015
Trey Porter Term Expires 5-21-2017
Linda Pitner Term Expires 5-21-2017
Chan Davidson Term Expires 5-21-2017
Kim Crawford Term Expires 5-21-2016

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #1 (TIRZ)

Board Members:
Scott Bentley (Chairman) Term Expires 3-20-2019
David Woodburn Term Expires 3-20-2017
Scott Flow Term Expires: 3-20-2016
Jason Herrick Term Expires 3-20-2018
Nicholas Ward Term Expires 3-20-2016
Johnny Merritt Term Expires 3-20-2015
Leon Church Term Expires 3-20-2016
Judge Thomas Jones Term Expires 3-20-2016
Smith Ellis Term Expires: 3-20-2016
Joseph Peterson Term expires: 3-20-2019
SCHEDULE – Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month

Downtown Design Review Board

Board Members:
David Horsley (Chairman) Term Expires 8-17-2016
Dana Williams-Walton Term Expires 8-17-2016
Steve Pair Term Expires: 8-17-2016
Cindi Bulla Term Expires 8-17-2018
Cole Camp Term Expires 8-17-2018
Becky Heinen Term Expires: 8-17-2018
Wes Reeves Term Expires 8-17-2016
Steve Gosselin Term Expires: 8-17-2018
Gary Jennings Term Expires: 8-17-2018
Verlinda Watson Term Expires: 8-17-2018

Term Expires: 8-17-2018