Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

The city larvacides over 100 sites around Amarillo. This activity occurs when environmental conditions produce areas that are suitable for larvae to start hatching in stagnant standing water. Larvaciding kills mosquito larvae in standing water to prevent mosquito eggs from developing into adult female mosquitoes that bite. Space spraying involves the use of an ultra low volume machine that dispenses pesticide into the air to kill adult mosquitoes.

Shown below is a zip code map of the City of Amarillo. The blue squares indicate the major larvaciding areas. Uncurbed ditches are treated throughout the city as well.

Historical Areas Treated for Mosquito Larvae

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Three Ways to Reduce your West Nile Virus Risk:

  • Avoid Mosquito Bites
  • Mosquito-Proof Your Home
  • Help Your Community

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