Food Inspections Report Guide

Inspection Codes

HL1B – Routine
HFOL – Followup
HOTHER – All others
HM3 – Closure
HM4 – Reopening

Meaning of Abbreviations

IN Not a violation, documentation of conditions during inspection
PUR Purpose
DE Demerits
COS Corrected on Site
H24 Followup in 24 hours
H10 Followup approximately 10 days
H30 Followup approximately 30 days
H45 Followup approximately 45 days
H60 Followup approximately 60 days
H90 Followup approximately 90 days
H180 Followup approximately 180 days
NTCS Non-Time/Temperature Control For Safety
TCS Time/Temperature Control For Safety
RTE Ready To Eat Foods
0 – demerits means no major violations were seen at time of inspection
15 – demerits could be considered an average number
30 – demerits or above requires a re-inspection within 24 hours