Mission Statement

The mission of the Environmental Health Department is to serve the public, respond to citizens concerns and achieve corrections of violations. The department’s primary objective is the inspection and enforcement of sanitary standards for restaurants, bars, markets, bakeries, schools, hotels, hospital kitchens, day care centers, nursing home kitchens, temporary food events, public swimming pools and on-site sewage systems. Public education, surveillance and voluntary compliance with health laws are primary goals of the department. These activities have direct impact on the health of citizens in our community. Within the City organization, the department has primary oversight responsibilities for the City’s compliance with the Texas Hazard Communication Act.

Following September 11th, the department cooperated with the Amarillo Police Department, the Amarillo Fire Department, the Emergency Management Department and the Public Health Department in the management of reports of bioterrorism events within our community. The Director under the direction of the Health Authority participated in the development of a Community wide bioterrorism plan. The department cross-trains with law enforcement and the fire department and is an active member of the City task force for weapons of mass destruction.