Utility Billing

The City of Amarillo’s Utility Billing Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining customer utility accounts. The department bills approximately 67,000 active accounts each month for water, sewer and solid waste collection service provided by the city. The Department’s goal is to provide our customers with a high standard of courteous and effective service responsive to the individual customer’s needs.

If you’ve ever wondered why it looks like your water meter has not been read, it could be because it is never actually touched by human hands. This video featuring the City of Amarillo’s Meter Reader Supervisor, Tim Cessnum, demonstrates not only how quickly water meters can be read, but how the City’s meter readers use a special tool to speed along the process. Watch the video HERE.

Checking your water meter regularly can help you monitor your family’s water use, calculate your monthly water bill and help check for leaks in your home. Reading your own water meter is easier than you might think. Gwen Gonzalez, who works for the City of Amarillo, shows us what to look for when we open the lid to our water meter. Watch the video HERE.