The Utilities Division is responsible for the acquisition, treatment, and distribution of drinking water and the collection, reclamation, and disposition of wastewater. Each of these functions operates under a different departmental operation coordinated through the Director of Utilities Office. The Utilities Division is a separate operation of the City funded from water sales and wastewater collection charges.

Amarillo is fortunate to have an abundant supply of safe drinking water. Through a combination of well water from the Ogallala Aquifer and surface water supplied through Lake Meredith Reservoir, the City of Amarillo has water supplies that reach far into the next century. The City has also planned for future water needs through the purchase of over 155,000 acres of unused water rights in the Amarillo region.

Two departments are responsible for the handling of wastewater: Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Collection. Approximately 70 percent of the 6.75 billion gallons of wastewater treated at the City’s two wastewater treatment plants is sold for use in irrigation and industrial purposes.

The water system is managed through the joint efforts of the Water Production, Water Transmission, Water Distribution, and Surface Water Treatment departments. The City utilizes a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System, which automates the entire water system. With this SCADA control process, the Osage Water Treatment Plant is able to communicate through a master computer and radio system with the well fields, pump stations, pressure points, elevated tanks, and related facilities. This computerized control process allows for the efficient and effective distribution of potable water to the public.