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Traffic Advisory Board

Administered by the Traffic Engineering Department; nine commission members; meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1:30 PM in City Hall, 509 E. 7th Avenue, 3rd floor, City Commission Chambers.

The Traffic Commission hears all traffic related items and makes recommendations for Traffic Ordinance amendments such as speed limits, dual turn lanes, and one-way streets and alleys and for resolutions such as parking restrictions. The Traffic Commission also makes recommendations concerning school safety; education and publicity, including coordination of activities to promote traffic safety; traffic engineering, including speed studies; parking regulations; one-way or two-way streets; traffic control devices. The Traffic Commission also makes recommendations to the City Commission for methods of improving traffic conditions.
Agenda (file size: 57 KB) - February 15, 2017Minutes (file size: 323 KB) - February 15, 2017
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