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Quail Creek Public Improvement District Advisory Board

Public Improvement District (PID) Boards: The Colonies PID, Greenways PID, and Tutbury PID: Oversight by the Directors of: Finance, Community Services, and Parks and Recreation with day-to-day administration by a Senior Planner. The PID Administered by the Director of Finance in conjunction with the Director of Community Services; each PID board consists of five board members, each board member is appointed for a three year term or until successors are appointed; each PID board meets as needed in City Hall, 509 East 7th Avenue, Room 306.

All PIDs are responsible for preparing for their respective jurisdictions an annual budget, update five-year service plan, review and make recommendations on improvements in the areas under the control of each PID.
Agenda (file size: 49 KB) - August 23, 2017

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