Boards & Commissions

Emergency Care Advisory Board

Improving the resources available in the community for delivery of high quality emergency medical services and desires to draw upon the expertise of community members to aid in this endeavor.

City Commission shall from time to time appoint such members as it deems appropriate and necessary. Board members serve at the pleasure of the City Commission. Term of appointment shall be for two years except as provided below for some initial appointments which will terminate in one year in order to establish staggered terms thereby avoiding the future loss of the experience of the entire board by rotating off at the same time. Board members are limited to serving three full terms. The Membership of the ECAB shall be as follows:

One representative from the Amarillo City Commission;
One representative from the Amarillo Hospital Board of Managers;
One representative who shall be either the Amarillo/Potter/Randall Public Health Authority or Deputy Public Health Authority;
One representative from each of the hospitals in Amarillo who serve as EMS Service receiving hospitals. Appointees under this category must be currently serving as an Emergency Department Physician in their respective hospital;
One representative from the Agency permitted to provide EMS Ambulance service in Amarillo; and,
One representative from the Amarillo Fire Department
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