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Board of Review for Landmarks & Historic Districts

Administered by the Planning Department; nine voting members consisting of one registered architect, building contractor, Planning and Zoning Commission member, licensed real estate broker, representative of the banking industry and four members with a demonstrated interest in historic preservation; meets as needed in City Hall, 509 E. 7th Avenue, 3rd floor, Room 306.

The BRLHD holds hearings to review applications and recommends specific design guidelines for restoration, rehabilitation, alteration, new construction, reconstruction, relocation, or demolition affecting proposed or designated historic landmarks or objects, sites, and structures within historic districts and to determine whether a certificate of appropriateness should be issued for such actions based on guidelines developed by the BRLHD. The BRLHD recommends guidelines for signage, street furniture, appurtenances, advertising devices and landscaping for each landmark and historic district. The BRLHD conducts surveys to identify and catalog districts, objects, sites, and structures displaying significant historic, architectural, archaeological or cultural value.

The BRLHD also recommends tax incentive programs for historic preservation, as well as informs and educates citizens concerning historic preservation elements. The board makes recommendations concerning the use of state, federal, municipal or private funds to promote preservation and restoration of landmarks and historic districts and makes recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Commission regarding ordinance amendments for preservation, restoration and protection of landmarks or objects, sites, and structures within historic districts.
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