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Library Advisory Board

Administered by the Library Department; seven board members; meets second Monday of every other month (six meetings per year). The Board rotates its meetings to each library location beginning 4:00 PM.

The Library Advisory Board makes general recommendations concerning the policies, programs, and development of the public library. More specifically, the Library Advisory Board has decision-making authority related to the following areas in the operation of the Amarillo Public Library:

Current and long range planning issues;
Improvement and development projects;
Freedom of speech and censorship issues;
Specific items or issues related to Library policies and procedures by Library users and the public;
Requests for special Library program and service applications;
Library materials management, allocation and associated user charges;
Operating policies and procedures for all five libraries in Amarillo; and
Marketing and public relations policies and procedures.
Agenda (file size: 43 KB) - February 13, 2017Minutes (file size: 94 KB) - February 13, 2017
Agenda (file size: 43 KB) - April 10, 2017Minutes (file size: 300 KB) - April 10, 2017
Agenda (file size: 37 KB) - June 12, 2017Minutes (file size: 105 KB) - June 12, 2017
Agenda (file size: 38 KB) - August 07, 2017
Agenda (file size: 42 KB) - October 09, 2017

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