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Amarillo Firemens Relief and Retirement Fund

Administered by the Director of Finance; seven board members consisting of three firefighters, two citizens elected by the members, the Mayor and the Director of Finance for the City; meets the third Wednesday of each month in City Hall, 509 E. 7th Avenue, Room 306.

The Board of Trustees is the administrator of a single-employer pension plan that was formed in 1941 under provisions of the Firemen's Relief and Retirement Law of the State of Texas. All firefighters who are not more than 35 years of age upon entering service for the City of Amarillo as a firefighter must become members of the plan, which provides them with pension, death, and disability benefits. The Firemen's Relief and Retirement Fund Board appoints investment consultants and portfolio managers and appoints actuaries, trustees, and legal counsel. The firefighter pension plan is approved by the Board of Trustees before submission to the firefighters for their consideration.
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