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Airport Advisory Board

Airport Advisory Board: Administered by the Airport Department; nine board members; meets as needed in the Airport Terminal, 10801 Airport Boulevard.

The Airport Advisory Board studies and makes recommendations regarding planning, development, improvement, protection and operation of the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. More specifically, the Airport Advisory Board has decision-making authority related to the following areas of operation and use of the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport:

Current and long range planning issues;
Improvement and development projects;
Specific items or issues related to Airport policies and procedures upon request by Airport tenants, users, and the public;
Requests for use of Airport facilities and property;
Operating policies and procedures;
Lease, rental and use charges and associated policies; and
Federal Aviation Administration policy and procedure directives and orders.
Agenda (file size: 104 KB) - January 23, 2017Minutes (file size: 111 KB) - January 23, 2017
Agenda (file size: 322 KB) - February 22, 2017Minutes (file size: 15 KB) - February 22, 2017
Agenda (file size: 65 KB) - April 24, 2017Minutes (file size: 84 KB) - April 24, 2017
Agenda (file size: 77 KB) - July 10, 2017Minutes (file size: 101 KB) - July 10, 2017
Agenda (file size: 25 KB) - September 21, 2017Minutes (file size: 15 KB) - September 21, 2017
Agenda (file size: 76 KB) - October 09, 2017

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