About Amarillo

Part of the Great Plains and the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo had its beginnings in 1887, when the Fort Worth-Denver City railroad was constructed across the Texas Panhandle. Originally named Oneida, the town was platted in April 1887 by J.I. Berry; who soon renamed the town Amarillo (the Spanish word for yellow), after it was voted the county seat of Potter County in August 1887. 1913 – Amarillo voters approved a home rule charter with a commission-manager form of government. Industry in Amarillo began with railroading, cattle and merchandising. Amarillo grew rapidly in 1925, stimulated by money derived from oil, gas and wheat expansion.

Centrally located in the Texas Panhandle, bordered by New Mexico and Oklahoma, Amarillo’s economic history was closely tied to agriculture and the energy industry. These days businesses such as copper refining, fiberglass production, meat packing, weapons disassembly, customer service operations and aircraft assembly plant have diversified the city’s economy. Serving as a regional medical center also plays a key role in Amarillo’s economy.

Today, Amarillo is home to 190,695 (per 2010 Census) people and always welcomes newcomers. Amarillo is a strong community of neighborhoods; proud of the quality of life assets available to residents and visitors alike.

A wonderful city to live, work and play!