Citizen Concerns

General Complaints and Concerns:

  1. Appears that the rocks were not rolled in or not rolled in enough.

    The Street Department utilizes rubber tire rollers to compact the rock into the liquid asphalt.  The rock on each street is thoroughly compacted until all the voids in the liquid asphalt are filled.  When all the voids are filled, a small portion of loose rock will remain on the surface.  The loose rock remaining on the surface of the street is swept to the gutter the following day and picked up by a street sweeper one week later.

  2. Wait too long after sealcoat is applied before the excess rock is swept up.

    Once the sealcoat is applied to the surface of the street, the sealcoat must be allowed to cure or harden before the rock can be swept up.  Sweeping the rock too soon, will cause the rock to be stripped from the surface of the street and exposing the raw liquid asphalt.

  3. Mound of rocks left along the gutter and in front of the driveways.

    The day after the initial application of the sealcoat, the loose rock remaining on each street will be swept to the edge of the street by the gutter.  This allows traffic to have a clear driving lane while the sealcoat is allowed to cure.  The rock is placed along the edge of the pavement to keep the gutter free for drainage and to make it easier for the street sweeper to pick up the loose rock.  One week after the sealcoat is applied, the street sweeper will begin picking up the loose rock along the edge of each street.

  4. Loose rock gets on the sidewalks and driveways.

    The Street Department acknowledges that the loose rock that gets onto the sidewalks and driveways is an unfortunate inconvenience.  While applying the sealcoat to the surface of the street and sweeping up the excess rock, the Street Department will be as careful as possible to minimize any rock that gets onto the sidewalks and driveways.

  5. I got tar on my vehicle.

    There are several products available that will easily remove tar from your vehicle.  Some of these products are:  baby oil, vegetable oil, Avon Skin So Soft.