Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Collection and Solid Waste Disposal Departments are responsible for the collection and disposal of the City’s trash or garbage. The City’s landfill is the disposal site for all non-hazardous solid waste collected in Amarillo, disposing it through burial. The City utilizes a fully automated, containerized collection system. Only one person is needed for each truck and route where other cities typically require two or three workers per truck to collect garbage left at curbside. Labor costs alone are reduced by one-third. Use time and quantity of equipment is also minimized by utilizing this method. A better appearance of the City neighborhoods is maintained by the elimination of unsightly piles of trash, torn garbage bags, and lines of trash cans.

The Solid Waste Collection Department also operates six brush trucks and four knuckleboom trucks to collect cut brush and discarded home furnishings. Citizens planning tree trimming or disposing of large items can call the Solid Waste Collection Department to inquire when brush collection is scheduled for their area.