Comprehensive Plan

City Sets Course for Future Growth & Development

The City of Amarillo Comprehensive Plan was adopted in October 2010.  A comprehensive plan is a document that establishes a framework for guiding future growth and development of a community.  The plan discusses issues related to existing community conditions and articulates a vision of what the community wants to be in the future.  Through a series of goals and objectives, the plan sets a framework to assist the City in future land use and development decisions that will provide quality development within the City.  A comprehensive plan helps the city answer questions such as:

  • How do we want our community to develop?
  • What type of growth do we want?
  • What do we want to look like in 10 to 20 years?
  • What improvements or enhancements are needed?
  • What are our highest priorities as a community?

The City of Amarillo worked with Kendig Keast Collaborative, a nationally recognized planning firm, to prepare the comprehensive plan.  The plan’s creation process involved a series of community input meetings where public comments were invited and welcomed.  From this input, key themes and guiding principals emerged to help develop the various chapters of the Comprehensive Plan.  Chapters include:

  • Introduction (history/demographics)
  • Land Use and Community Character
  • Growth Management and Capacity
  • Mobility
  • Parks and Cultural Resources
  • Housing and Neighborhoods
  • Implementation

City staff is now beginning the task of preparing an action agenda to implement the various goals expressed through the comprehensive Plan.  The Amarillo Comprehensive Plan is posted for review in a PDF format. 
For more information, please contact
Kelley Shaw (378-3020 / [email protected]) or Becky Beckham (378-6288 / [email protected]).

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