Where does the City responsibility end and the property owners responsibility begin on a sewer service line?
In accordance with Amarillo Municipal code 18-3-71, the customer is responsible for maintaining all pipes and cleanouts all the way to the City’s sewer main.

How much is a new sewer tap? How can I get one?
The price of a new sewer tap various depending on the size of tap requested. See City ordinance 18-3-71 for current rates. Contact the Director of Utilities office at 378-6025 to set up a new sewer tap. For new service contact Utility Billing at 378-3030.

Who should we call first if I have sewer problems, the City or a Plumber?
If the problem seems to be in all of your fixtures, contact the City first. If the problem is isolated to the one fixture, it is most likely related to the plumbing at that one location and it is the customer’s responsibility to fix. (There is no charge for the City to check their lines)

Can the City locate my sewer tap?
If the tap was made after 1985, we may have tap locations. If your tap was made pre-1985, we do not have records for those taps. The City can help a customer locate taps after the homeowner has made an effort to dig for it.

Can the City repair my service line?
No. The City will only maintain their lines and the sewer tap.

Why can’t the City dig on our property?
City is not allowed to work on private property.

What plumber do you recommend?
City recommends you to check the Yellow pages under Plumbers. City does recommend getting at least 3 bids for repair work.

Can the City locate my service line?
We will locate our water and wastewater lines, but cannot locate private services or any private lines on private property.

Why am I having sewer problems but my neighbor is not?
Typically this means the problem is isolated to your property. It could also be a problem on the City’s main between the properties.

Can the City camera my service line?
We do not camera private service lines.

What does the City’s sewer cleaning equipment do?
Rod Trucks clean the main with mechanical force, steel rods. Jet trucks clean the mains with high pressure water. Camera crews inspect sewer mains with video equipment to locate problems.

When can I expect to get water and sewer service after I pay for a tap?
Taps need to be planned ahead of time by the customer. An address for the property has to be obtained with Building Safety before the Director of Utilities Office can issue a tap order. Once the order is received by the Wastewater Collection Department it has to be schedule and in some cases parts need to be ordered. Adverse weather conditions and the need for crews to respond to emergency repairs are other factors that may delay the installation of a tap. The City also has to wait 48 hours for locates.

Can you clean the line without getting on our property?
In most cases our access points (manholes) are in streets and alleys. Some access points are in easements and have no choice but to get access thought the property

Does it cost anything to call the City to check the sewer mains?
There is no charge to have the City check their mains

If I need to replace my sewer line, can I pay for an abandonment and new tap?
Once the initial tap is installed the owner needs to try and reuse the same wastewater tap.

What is a wastewater tap?
Wastewater tap is the physical connection between the City’s main and the customer’s service line.