Where does the City responsibility end and the property owners responsibility begin?
In accordance with Amarillo Municipal code 18-2-11, the customer is responsible for maintaining all service pipes, shutoffs and plumbing from the outlet side of the City water meter.

How much is a new water tap? How can I get one?
The price of a new water tap various depending on the size of tap requested. See City ordinance 18-2-56 for current rates. Contact the Director of Utilities office at 378-6025 to set up a new water tap. For new service contact Utility Billing at 378-3030.

Can the City locate my water line?
We will locate our water and wastewater lines, but cannot locate private services or any private lines on private property.

Does the City fix my service line? How much?
No. The City will only maintain their lines to the meter box, the box itself and the meter.

Why can’t the City dig on our property?
City is not allowed to work on private property.

What is the depth of the water main?
Main depths need to be verified in the field. Due to the change in grades and erosion, the depths vary. Locates must always be requested 48 hour prior to digging. The City’s current standard is that water mains must be buried at least 42″ below the surface.

How do I turn my water off in an emergency?
The customer can turn the water off at the meter themselves. The valve is located on the city’s side of the meter just below the gooseneck (90 degree elbow). If you are not able to turn it off yourself call the City. During working hours call 378-3030. After hours call 378-3030.

What authority does the City have to prevent overwatering?
Complaints concerning overwatering are received in the Director of Utilities Office, 378-6025, the complaint will be investigated and someone from the City will make contact with the customer.

Why are you putting down paint on the street, sidewalk, or ground and who is going to remove it?
Paint markings are used to identify utilities for an excavation project. It identifies where and what utilities are located below to prevent damage to those utilities. Paint markings wear off naturally with time. Blue marks indicate City owned water lines and Green indicates City owned
sewer lines.

Why don’t I have water at my sink but have it in the rest of the house?
Most houses are equipped with a screen on the faucets. If you do not have water coming out of one faucet try taking off the screen cap and check for calcium build up.

Who do I call to make changes in my service? (New Service, Moving from One place to another, etc.

Who do I call if I have billing questions?