FAQ’s – General Information

What construction codes has the City of Amarillo adopted?
Please visit the City of Amarillo Municipal Code website for current construction codes.

Can I act as my own builder?
Property owners of both residential and commercial properties may obtain building permits for work on their own property.

I own a lot in the City limits. Can I set a Manufactured Home on it?
That depends on the zoning of the property, the size, and the age of the Manufactured Home. Call our Planning and Zoning Dept. at 806-378-4223 for more information, or this Department at 378-3041.

Do I need a permit to set a manufactured home in the Amarillo City limits?
Yes, you do. Please call 806-378-6271 or 378-6272 for more information.

Can I live in my travel trailer?
Unless the travel trailer is in a licensed Mobile Home / Travel Trailer park, you cannot live in it inside the City limits.

Can I do electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning work on my house?
Yes, if you own and occupy the house as your homestead. If the property where the work is to be done is either rental property or commercial property, you will need to hire a licensed electrician, plumber or HVAC contractor.

How deep do gas and water service lines need to be?
Water – 24 inches to the top of the pipe. Gas – 18 inches to the top of the pipe.

Do I need a permit to put a storage building on my property?
If it is a one-story, detached, residential accessory building with 200 square feet or less of floor area, you do not need a building permit or a foundation. Those over 200 square feet need both a building permit and a foundation. Call Building Safety for information on the setbacks requirements or other questions.

Do I need a permit to re-roof my house?
Yes. If you are the property owner of the residence, you can pull a homeowner’s permit. To obtain the permit, we will need to know the number of squares, what type of roof it will be and the value of the job. The permit fee is $50.00.

Do I need a permit to install a water heater?
Yes, a permit is required. The new water heater is also inspected to ensure the safety of the installation.

Do I need a permit to install a new driveway?
Only if you are taking out the curb. Contact the Traffic Engineering Dept. at 806-378-6297 for more information.

Do I need a permit to install a fence?
No, you do not. There are maximum allowable heights in the front and rear yards, and special conditions for corner lots. Call this department for more information at 806-378-3533 for more information.

I want to open a new business. Do I need to get licenses or permits?

That depends on what type of business and where it will be located. Contact this office for more information at 806-378-3042.