Water Distribution System

The water distribution system is an immense series of piping, valves, fire hydrants and other appurtenances which deliver’s approximately 43 million gallons of potable water through 1098 miles of water main to the residents of the City of Amarillo on a daily basis. High demand periods such as spring and summer often require a higher demand for water which could reach 75 million gallons daily.

Water is pumped through the system from the Osage Water Treatment Plant to both overhead and underground storage tanks. Normal water pressure within the system averages 65 psi. It is the Department’s goal to operate and maintain the water distribution system in such a manner as to efficiently and effectively deliver potable water in sufficient quantities and pressures to meet the demands of our customers and fire suppression operations.

Utilizing 10 maintenance crews and 10 meter service representatives, this department averages 400 main line break repairs yearly. We install and repair valves, fire hydrants and installs mainline water main extensions. In addition, this department works with the Utility Billing Department in setting and removing approximately 14,000 domestic and irrigation water meters.

New service taps and fire line taps are installed as requested by the customer. Main line relocation and lowering mains for new construction is accomplished on an as needed basis.