Emergency Water Shut Off

In the case of an emergency, it is important to know the location of the water shut-off valve for your home. If you are unable to locate or operate the shut-off valve in your home, another alternative is to operate the water main valve in the alley, easement or near the street to turn off water to your home.

Tools Needed:

  • Screw Driver
  • Crescent Wrench

Water Off at Meter (PDF Version)

  1. Locate your water meter. Water meters are typically installed inside meter boxes with a lid marked water and placed behind your property in the alley or easement. In a few cases it might be in the front of your property behind the curb of the street.
  2. Remove the metal lid of the meter box. A standard screw driver can be used to help lift the lid.
  3. On the side away from your property, locate the oblong knob just below the elbow. This is the main shut-off valve.
  4. To turn water off, use a crescent wrench to turn the valve a quarter turn.
  5. In some cases you may have a valve located just behind the meter. In this cases turn the valve a quarter turn until the holes line up. If the valve has an arrow on it, turn it a half turn until the arrow is pointing away from your property.
  6. If the valve has not been operated in a long time, it could be locked up. Whatever you do, DO NOT FORCE THE VALVE. If it will not turn with a reasonable amount of pressure, call the City Water Distribution Department at 378-6824 or Utility Billing at 378-3030 for a meter representative to turn off the water at the meter for you.

    If your emergency occurs after hours, call 378-6824 or 378-3019.