How many locations can I operate under a Transient Business License?
Each temporary location requires a separate license.

How many times a year can I take out a Transient Business License?
There is not a limit established for the number of licenses that can be issued.

Can I move to a different location temporarily after I get a Transient Business License?
You must obtain a new license for each location, regardless.

I want to set up my business in an open area on the roadside. Is that allowed?
You may not operate in any public street, sidewalk, right-of-way, or other public property within the city limits of Amarillo.

I want to set up shop in the parking lot of a closed shopping center. Is that okay?
In all cases, you must have the written consent of the property owner in order to operate your business on that property. A copy of this agreement must accompany your application for the license. You must demonstrate that you have adequate parking (on the property or an adjacent property where the owner’s consent has been granted) for your customers off the public right of way, and the location must be zoned for the type of business being conducted.

My business is from out-of-town, and I plan to have several sales reps working door-to-door in this area. Do I need a separate license for each of them?
A transient business license is not required for door-to-door sales. HOWEVER any persons wishing to go “door-to-door” are required to register in accordance with Amarillo Municipal Code Section 14-6-58 at the Amarillo Police Dept.  Each individual sales representative is required to register with the Amarillo Police Dept. prior to any door-to-door sales activity.

Does a charitable organization need a Transient Business License to solicit contributions door-to-door?
 A transient business license is not required for soliciting of this type on private property. To do charitable solicitations door-to-door or on the streets or sidewalks, a special permit may be applied for with the Amarillo Police Department at 806-378-9452.

I represent a charitable youth organization. Do I have to have each child selling door-to-door registered with the Police Department?
In the case of a local youth organization, each child can be registered. Alternatively, an authorized adult sponsor or representative of the local youth organization may appear at the police department and register the local youth organization as a group. An adult who desires to engage in door-to-door sales (whether for a local youth organization or otherwise) shall register and pay the registration fee. For further information contact The City of Amarillo Police Department at 806-378-9452.

I am having a “garage sale”; do I need a transient business license?
A transient business license is not required provided that you have no more than two (2) “garage sales” in any 12 month period. They shall be limited to the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in no more than three (3) consecutive days. One sign not to exceed twelve (12) square feet in area located on the premises/on private property is allowed for the duration of the sale. “Bandit signs” located off of the premises advertising the sale is not allowed.

Where can I get more information about a Transient Business License?
On the City’s website at www.amarillo.gov  a link is available to the City’s Municipal Code or the following link directly to the Transient and Occasional Sales section of the code: Municipal Code online Section 14-6  or you may contact any of the Commercial Plans Examiners in the Department of Building Safety at 806-378-3533