Current list of Financial Reports

Reports for City of Amarillo election years (odd numbered years) must be filed with the Office of the City Secretary.
Documents for the following Reporting Periods are as followed:
  • January 15 (Period I)
  • July 15 (Period II)
  • 30 days before the election (Period III)
  • Eight days before the election (Period IV)
  • Certain positions will have a runoff, which necessitates one more report, eight days before the runoff election (Period V). Period V also covers the Final Report for candidates who did not win their races in the general election.

In even numbered years, reports are due January 15 and July 15 only.  Period I covers elected officials, former candidates who still have campaign debt, and PACs. 

The City Secretary is required by Section 254.040, Election Code, to maintain such reports for a period of two (2) years after the date each report is filed.
The numbers in the Reporting Period Fields below are .pdf documents, unless otherwise indicated and correspond to the amount of pages filed per report.

Report TypeYearView Reports
2016 Campaign Finance Report 2016 View
2017 Elected Officials and PAC Reports 2017 View
2017 Campaign Finance Report 2017 View

As provided by state law, the Amarillo City Secretary’s office is the appropriate filing authority for various campaign-related forms required by law to be filed by a candidate for a City of Amarillo elected office.

By law, the City Secretary does not supervise, direct or otherwise advise candidates regarding the forms required or content included in any form filed with the Amarillo City Secretary’s office.
As a service to the public, the various forms that have been filed with the City Secretary are posted here.