Transit Master Plan

Posted on Nov 16, 2016

A new fixed route system was presented to the City Council during its April 25 work session. The new system improves travel time, making transit useful for more people and reversing the decline in ridership the local bus system has experienced. The proposed fixed route system responds to many of the community’s goals:

  • Provides a quicker trip: The new fixed route system eliminates a lot of one-way loops. Most routes go up and back along the same street, making trips faster.
  • Preserves coverage: The new fixed route system maintains the City’s service area. The new plan maintains access within ¼ mile for 98% of Amarillo households and jobs now served.
  • Improves transit for workers: By starting morning routes at the end of the line instead of the Transfer Center, people can get to work earlier. By extending service one hour in the evening, more people can rely on the service to get home.
  • Extends service along major corridors: The new system will run along West Amarillo Boulevard and much of I-40.
  • Creates a network that is easier to expand: Circular routes are difficult to expand. By using routes that run up and back along a line, they can be adapted more easily to meet future growth.
  • Provides more opportunities to transfer: A second transfer point near the Westgate Mall makes transferring between west-side routes possible. There are also multiple points where routes intersect and riders can transfer.
  • Simplifies the schedule: New schedules will have fewer timepoints to improve readability and reliability.

Some folks may have to walk a bit farther to get to a bus stop but the bus ride will be much quicker. In general, the new fixed route system makes walking distances more consistent. If you compare today’s ACT fixed route system with the new one, you’ll notice that today, the spacing between routes is very uneven since there are so many loop and diversions. The new system straightens out the routes and eliminates duplication of services.
You can view the April 23 City Council presentation here: PowerPoint Presentation
You can explore the new fixed route system below.

Next Steps: The consultant is preparing a new fixed route Service Plan to include maps, preliminary schedule and other important information. This information will be available to the public on this website as well as presented to the public and stakeholders in during the next round of community engagement which is scheduled for mid-June 2017.

Community Engagement

Stakeholder Meetings – June 19 and 20 (tentative)

Public Open House – June 21 and 22 (tentative)


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