One Text or One Call Could Wreck It All

Posted on Dec 07, 2012

One Text or Call Could Wreck It All

Amarillo is Hands-Free for YOUR Safety


  • If you’re behind the wheel of a car while driving in Amarillo, it is against City ordinance to use a handheld cell phone.
  • You can still use hands-free features including:
    • A speakerphone feature
    • A voice-activated feature or device
    • A hands-free accessory device like a Bluetooth
  • A driver may press the button(s) necessary to use, activate or end these features or devices.
  • The handheld cell phone ban does not apply to a GPS unit that is separate from a cell phone.
  • What you cannot do, though, is text, talk, or otherwise hold your cell phone while driving.
  • Citations will be issued starting February 2, 2013


  • You may use a handheld cell phone while driving as follows:
    • To call for fire, police or ambulance in case of a bona fide emergency. That means there must be imminent danger to life or safety.
    • To call a doctor, hospital or clinic.
    • A government employee, first responder, or volunteer – but only while acting in official capacity with an immediate need to give or receive necessary official information.
    • Licensed amateur radio operators are exempted by federal law.


  • The fine can be up to $200 plus court costs.
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