Proposed Soncy Speed Limit Reduction

Posted on Apr 07, 2017

Amarillo, TX – During last week’s Tuesday, April 4 meeting of the Amarillo City Council, City of Amarillo staff presented a recommended City Ordinance change reflecting a reduction in the maximum speed limit along Soncy/Hollywood Road (Loop 335). The recommendation includes lowering the posted speed limit along Soncy Road just south of Hillside Road around to Hollywood Road to just west of Coulter Street from the current 70 MPH to 60 MPH. The first reading of the Ordinance passed with a unanimous vote, and City Council will hear the second reading Tuesday, April 11 during their regular session.

TxDOT recently completed a speed study along the corridor indicating that the overall traffic speed has dropped below the posted speed limit. City staff, TxDOT, and the Traffic Advisory Board (TAB) all recommend the change to reflect current driver speeds.

A map is available online at detailing the existing and recommended speed limits in the area. For more information about the proposed speed limit change, please call the City of Amarillo’s Public Works department at (806) 378-6000.

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